What does glutamine do?
Glutamine is essential for gluconeogenesis. This is the process where glucose sources in your body get converted into glucose. This is important if you are on a low carb diet. Glutamine also aids in breaking down big protein molecules into smaller protein molecules which your body can use for all kinds of purposes.

Where does glutamine come from?
Glutamine can be found in most protein rich foods like meat, milk, eggs and many more protein rich foods. It can also be found in tofu and beans.

Should you take a glutamine supplement?
There are many reasons to take glutamine supplements. It aids in protein synthesis. This means you will actually use as much of the protein you consume instead of just converting it into urea. It has also been proven to massively aid in gaining muscle mass. If your main goal is increasing your 1 rep max, this could also be very helpful for you. There have been a lot of studies which all show a massive 1 rep max increase after taking glutamine.

How much and when should you take glutamine?
You should take about 28 grams of glutamine every day. It is best to spread this as evenly throughout the day as possible. This will make sure it will be effective as possible.

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