Build Muscle

4 Tips On Gaining Muscle Mass

Building muscle can be a difficult task. Many people struggle with gaining muscle mass and spend hours while achieving nothing. Here are a couple of tips on building muscle.

1. Change your rep range
Different rep ranges achieve different goals. If you lift for 1 to 5 reps you will gain a lot of strength but you will build less muscle. The best rep range for building muscle is 8 to 12 reps. You can also change this up from time to time to shock the muscle.

2. Train with a plan
Some people walk into the gym without any type of plan at all. They just start doing random exercises and achieve pretty much nothing. You should always make a workout plan for every workout. If you have trouble making a workout plan, you can look one up on the internet. There are thousands of forums with many different workout plans. You can also find a different workout plan if you are bored of your current one.

3. Nutrition
People often forget about the importance of nutrition. Some scientists say that it is way more important to have a good nutrition plan than any type of workout. If you train hard but eat junk food, candy or any type of unhealthy food every day, it should be obvious you won’t build much muscle. Try eating healthy and make sure you eat enough protein.

4. Supplementation
If you have a great workout plan, a decent nutritional plan and have tried many different things then you should try supplementing. Supplements can be the tiny boost you need to start making those sweet gains you’ve been working so hard for. Before trying any type of supplement you should always look up if they are safe to use for you.

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