Shaker Pro 40 Shakers

Shaker Pro 40 Shakers

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Shaker Pro 40

Shaker Pro

If you lead an active lifestyle then these are for you.  There is one for home or office and one for the gym... now you can choose.

The Shaker Pro 40 ensures you have a freshly prepared shake without loss of taste - it has two separate chambers, one holds powder (eg. protein) and the other liquid (eg. water or milk).  They can be stored separately in the Shaker Pro 40, and then when you are ready to mix them together, just twist it and shake it!  The Shaker Pro 40 can be mixed anywhere, no more mess and no more clumps.  Buy it today and you can enjoy all the benefits that come with it.  Its a small price to pay for a perfect tasting shake, every time... 

Advantages of the advanced Shaker Pro system

  • A perfect-tasting shake every time guarantees optimal results
  • A freshly prepared shake without loss of taste
  • Powder and liquid are stored separately and are mixed together at the exact moment desired!

Always fresh and clean

  • No impurities in the shake or soiling at place of preparation
  • Mixing occurs in the closed Shaker Pro-System!

Always with you

  • Preparation any place and any time: in the car, at your work place, or in the locker room.
  • No need to transport separate ingredients with you - the Shaker Pro is an "all-in-one" solution for everyone with an active lifestyle!

A creamy shake with perfect “foam effect“ every time

  • The patented Shaker Pro “chamber system“ guarantees that the
  • mixing and blending of the ingredients will always produce the
  • optimum outcome: A thick, and creamy shake every time.

Eliminates clotting

  • The perfectly circular, narrow opening in the Shaker Pro’s top-chamber system works like a sieve.
  • The connecting elements of the chamber-reservoir assist in crushing any powder lumps that may form.

Minimum effort, maximum enjoyment

  • Any time-consuming and awkward effort in creating a delicious shake is eliminated. Simply twist, shake and enjoy!

 Cleaning made easy

  • The Shaker Pro is suitable for cleaning in dishwashers. Of course, the Shaker Pro can be easily cleaned manually as well.

Shaker Pro 40 takes two scoops of Protein and up to 500ml of Liquid

 The Shaker Pro 40 can be mixed anywhere, no more mess and no more clumps.  Simple to clean and easy to use.  It creates a perfect tasting shake every time with minimum effort and maximum enjoyment. 



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