APN Intense 2.0 - 60 Servings

APN Intense 2.0 - 60 Servings

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APN Intense 2.0 - 60 Servings

What separates APN’s Intense 2.0 from the rest?

Simple, we only make great supplements. We stand by every one of our supplements and Intense 2.0 is no exception. Reformulated from the original Intense, we have worked hard to improve our formula to bring you the most intense pre-workout supplement on the market. Intense 2.0 combines only the newest ingredients detailed below to provide a one of kind APN breakthrough formula.

Walking into a supplement store, it can be daunting to see the selection of pre-workouts to choose from and trying to read a supplement label can feel like trying to learn another language. Have no fear though, below we spell out everything you need to know about Intense 2.0


If you’re an experienced lifter you will be well acquainted with this gym goers best friend. For those who are new to supplements Beta Alanine is best described as the supplement giving you that ‘tingly’ feeling you feel from your pre-workout.

What are the benefits?

Beta Alanine has been proven to raise Carnosine concentration levels in your muscles – this provides many benefits such as

  • Increased Muscular Strength & Power Output
  • Increased Anaerobic Endurance
  • Increased Aerobic Endurance
  • Delayed Muscular Fatigue- Train Harder & Longer

Why did we include both Monohydrate and HCL? 
Yes creatine is the vehicle found in both forms, however they act very differently in the body. When combining both of these molecules the body can absorb the creatine molecule far more effectively than when used separately.

This naturally occurring molecule has been a staple supplement used by athletes for decades, due to it’s effectiveness. Still proven to be the king of creatine, Monohydrate has stood the test of time.


A more acidic molecule than Monohydrate, the biggest difference between Creatine HCL and other creatine products is its water solubility – unlike Monohydrate, HCL mixes far more effectively in the body.

What are the benefits?

  • Helps support muscle synthesis
  • Enhances brain function
  • Increased work capacity
  • Supports increases in lean body mass
  • Improves anaerobic capacity
  • Enhances muscle volumization


The brain boosting amino acid! Involved in the body’s creation of the neurotransmitter dopamine and other hormones. This multi-purpose amino acid can be used to increase concentration, muscle recovery, or even provide your muscles with energy directly.

What are the benefits?

  • Helps support energy levels
  • Heightens Mental alertness
  • Offset feelings of physical and mental fatigue.

When your parents told you to eat your vegetables this was why. This dark red vegetable provides numerous health benefits, packed with vitamins and minerals including potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A, B6, C and folic acid as well as also being proven to increase Nitric Oxide levels within the body.

What are the benefits?

  • Increases blood flow
  • Supports muscle recovery
  • Supports bone health
  • Increases energy absorption


The king of stimulants in all pre-workout supplements, caffeine has been shown to increase muscular performance and decrease fatigue during exhaustive exercise.
Anhydrous (meaning dehydrated) has become the new mainstay in supplements and Intense 2.0 is jam-packed with the optimal amount to take your training to the next level.

What are the benefits?

  • Increases blood flow
  • Increases N.O levels in the body
  • Increases Muscular Strength & Power Output
  • Increases Anaerobic Endurance
  • Increases Aerobic Endurance


This is a custom designed stimulant made from cutting edge pharmaceutical practices and is a breakthrough ingredient. It’s designed specifically to improve energy and performance, helping you get the most out of each and every workout.

What are the benefits?

  • Boosts physical and mental energy
  • Increased concentration, attention span and focus
  • Improve the body’s fat burning capability
  • Enhances release of dopamine


Best known as a central nervous system stimulant that assists in weight loss. Hordenine works primarily through the release and protection of norepinephrine however Hordenine also works to stimulate the adrenals to produce more epinephrine and adrenaline.

What are the benefits?

  • Mood elevator
  • Supports fat loss
  • Helps control appetite
  • Boosts energy, focus and motivation.