About Us

As regular users of Health and Fitness supplements, we understand the need for affordable supplements. However, purchasing from retailers with the best pricing often comes with a few downsides. Its common that an item purchased will be out of stock or the flavour chosen is unavailable. The result is that the wrong flavour would be sent or the order will be left pending until further stock arrives. Customer service levels are low, emails left unresponded, refunds delayed. This is a frustration which is hard to be avoided and negletes the benefits of getting the item a few dollars cheaper.

Upon these points we base our core values and principles:

1. Fair Pricing

2. Excellent Customer Service

We believe that excellent customer service and low prices are not mutually exclusive. We strive to maintain the highest level of customer service which is un-matched in the industry with a 100% customer satifaction. On top of that, we offer the lowest prices for supplements in Australia.

We have an accurate inventory management system in place so that if you are able to add an item into your cart, that means we have it in stock. Whatever flavour you choose will be the flavour we ship. We never allow the sale of an item which we do not have. We believe that all our customers should receive the item which they purchased without any delay or change of flavour.